Video Conferencing Device

video conferencing device in  Lucknow

Video Conferencing Device in Lucknow

Meaningful Connections
Imagine building stronger connections between your teams and customers. Or creating an environment where ideas transcend geography. Imagine a company where face-to-face conversations occur from anywhere. Companies love how Kapoor Studio ’s all-in-one solution reduces setup times usually associated with video conferencing solutions.
Always-on Office Portals
Keep satellite offices, remote workers, and road warriors connected to what’s going on at HQ with always-on video portals. Set up a TV with a Kapoor Studio Spot in a central location within each office worldwide.
Project Standup Meetings
Keep project stand up meetings efficient with one-click video conferencing. Include remote teams and outside contractors as needed. Add a link to your weekly or daily standup in the calendar event’s location.
Experience Us
Keep your team members informed and connected to the company mission with regular CEO town halls with a customized link. With Kapoor Studio , your CEO can broadcast a regularly scheduled call from his or her desk, the cafeteria, or even a mobile device while on the road.
Remote Board Calls
Not every board meeting needs to be in-person, but it should be face-to-face. Hosting remote board calls on Kapoor Studio means your board members can join calls from any device, without IT support. Include a Kapoor Studio link in the calendar invite of your board meeting.