Webcasting in lucknow

Webcasting in lucknow

Video broadcasting, live over the internet is Webcasting. It is a media presentation which is distributed over the internet using streaming media technology to scatter a single content or video to many listener and viewer simultaneously. Today, webcasting in Lucknow is on the storm for marriage ceremonies. Due to lack of time many friends and our loved ones are not able to attend our marriage function. Webcasting is very helpful for this factor. By webcasting, we can share our happiest moments live with our loved ones. This technology operates in real time which allows active conversations among webcaster and their viewers. Webcasting is a very affordable and effective tool for communication and to share or make our loved ones a part of our running event. Webcasting has two phases, first is on-demand webcasting and another one is live webcasting.

Now In the Wedding events, Wedding webcasting has found so much popularity. The reason behind this is, the wedding ceremony is as important for your loved ones who are living abroad as it is to you. With the Kapoor Studio’s service wedding webcasting in Lucknow , you can overcome the geographical barrier and share every special moment of your party with your friends and loved ones live over the internet. We provide both types of Webcasting, firstly on-demand webcasting and secondly live webcasting.

In webcasting, we capture every single shot creatively to enhance the memories of every event or occasion. During the event, the raw emotions and feelings displayed by guests are documented in a remarkable manner making. Live webcasting allows you to broadcast your occasion on the internet as it happens. The benefit of live webcasting in Lucknow is, it allows you to broadcast time-critical content to a global audience. With the help of Webcasting, Global viewers can be a part of your live event or coverage.

The live web stream is also available on demand after the accomplishment of an event. This allows people to your event who missed the live-stream. On-demand webcasting is a pre-recorded coverage which is available online for the viewers. In one demand webcasting, video editing is allowed,. This is an advantage of on-demand webcasting that you can delete the unwanted moments of your wedding. On-demand webcasting has many advantages. A viewer can watch the occasion whenever he wants. Footage link can be shared in your contacts, emails and social media. Kapoor Studio is providing both types of Webcasting in Lucknow.